Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Recent Developments (featuring Bamboo goals)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to announce that we have finally developed new goals to use during practice sessions. They will immediately replace the makeshift cones that have been in use for so long. The best part is: they are PRICE FRIENDLY AND PORTABLE!

Initially, we had decided to construct goals out of PVC pipes. At that point, we had something like this in mind:

 However, when we visited several plumbing and electrical shops to enquire about the pipes, we faced a major problem: the cost friendly pipes that we had in mind were not stable and were bound to collapse within a week or so. Also, the stronger pipes that were more ideal for a long term arrangement were way too expensive for the budget that was available. By taking these pipes into consideration, a rough estimate amounted to approximately Rs.2900/goal!

When we were searching for an alternate solution, we realized that bamboo was not only twice as strong as the pipes, but also half as costly. It was indeed the best way to go! We also managed to make a strong net out of the green cloth used in nurseries. This further brought down the price by Rs.300 as the job was all done in Rs.80/goal as compared to the Rs.380 we were being charged for the nets. Including labor, our goals were built at an expense of Rs.1480/goal- a bargain considering our first approximate. Here are some pictures we took during the process:

The children at Kutumb were thrilled when the news of these special goals reached their ears. For them, it was like another big step in life as the goals uplifted their self esteem; they no longer felt deprived of all the good things anymore...

The goals are ready to go and should be set up VERY SOON!

We have also planned a match between one of Kutumb's teams and one of IYSA's teams. We believe that games like these could follow the concept of pre-season friendlies followed by many sports all over the world. This allows the children to be more prepared for match day. Will keep you guys updated on that too!