Thursday, 8 November 2012

Pre-Training Jitters

"The Beautiful Game", as the name suggests, is none other than the world's most popular sport, football. And no, I don't mean American Football which is played with the hands(destroying the whole purpose of the name, I am talking about football, or as Americans call it, soccer.
This blog is going to concentrate on the program Kutumb, where football is taught to young, underprivileged  students to forget all their problems, and just enjoy the game. But, I am not just there to make them enjoy the sport, I am volunteering to take the skills of those 9-14 year old boys and girls to a new level, or in other words, to teach them the game of football.
The program is about to start for me, and i'm having some jitters. A few of the hardships I think I am going to face are-

1. The ages of the children range from 9-14. I hope they are mature enough to take the game to a serious level, beyond fun. I might need to rethink what I have in mind for them in case they are not.

2. I hope they will be able to handle the vigorous training sessions as they require a bit of hard work and physical fitness.

3. I hope they will listen to me and I can control them all by myself for the long training sessions. The fact is, may just be a year or two elder than some of them, so they may tend to ignore me at times.

4. Hopefully they are all able to come regularly for practice despite the freezing temperatures in the morning. Also, as we know with these financially poorer families, they tend to send their children to work instead of school and games, and thus they might not end up coming regularly for practice.

5. I hope they are open enough to tell me any of the problems they are facing like we do with our coaches and are not shy or scared to share things with me.

Hopefully, it all goes well and we are able to have a good first session.

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  1. jitters are a sign that everything will be well. what you are trying to do is very inspiring. I love the blog... and waiting to read how it goes....My best wishes Shantanu... Vani aunty :)