Saturday, 4 January 2014

Delhi Youth League: the midway report

The exhilarating opening ceremony of the 7 month-long Delhi Youth League at Delhi Public Scool, R.K.Puram, served as the perfect forerunner to the scheduled kick-off time. The league, ranging from October to April, is being played in 6 different categories: Under-8, Under-9, Under-11, Under-13, Under-15 and Under-19, all of which feature our teams. Sitting at the midway stage of the league, we wish to provide all our readers with an update on all the action that has taken place so far.
Although The Kutumb Foundation was sitting majestically on top of the standings table in a few of the categories at first, of late our positions in each of the categories has slumped. Struggling to cope up with the leaders so far, our Under-8 team has only managed to bag 8 points from 7 games. With a decent tally of 13 points from their 9 games, our team in the Under-9 category sits 5th, exactly at the mid-point. The Under-11 bracket is the only one in which our team has attained a top half spot. Including 4 wins and 2 draws from their 9 games, this team has really shown some promise. The perseverance they showed in our previous game, to come from 2-0 down at half time and end up as winners 3-2, indicates the maturity levels that have already surfaced in these delightful young ones.

Although our Under-13 team had a poor start to the 2013/14 season, recent 2-1 and 8-1 wins have pushed us up to 6th out of 12 teams. The reinforcement of some of our key players such as Azharuddin, who plays out wide on the right flank, is what has driven the team after a lackluster beginning. 
While the season has been going from poor to promising in the Under-13 category, it has been just the opposite story with the Under-15 lot. Major losses of late of 3-1 and 8-2 means that our team has to spend the holidays reminiscing about the past mistakes that have induced such shocking upshots. Conceding an average of 6 goals per game, the Under-19 team has only got maximum points in 1 of their 10 games and currently sits at the bottom of the table. The other 10 teams in the league have shown no mercy when facing our team. 

Our target for 2014 is to have as many top 3 finishes as we can. The lads have not been wasting any time in the holiday season and have been training with a clear goal set in their minds: to overcome the force of the other NGO's. Well, let's just hope for a better set of results.

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